Meet Terri Passick, a mother of two, a professional job recruiter and, most importantly, an incredible person suffering from a rare, terminal kidney disease. 
Unlike some who might develop a kidney disease over time, Terri’s illness is genetic. It was passed down from her father, who lost his own battle when Terri was only 3 years old. Never once has she let her condition dimmish her goals or joy in life. It hasn’t gotten the best of her, and she has taken every measure and precaution to help preserve her health. Terri has always been her own advocate, never complaining, always keeping her condition to herself. She has helped so many people around her, both personally and professionally. And never once asked anyone what they could do for her. 
Until now. 
Terri’s condition is worsening quickly, and she is in desperate need of a kidney transplant. 
She is on a waitlist for a deceased donor, but her need is now urgent. Terri’s family and close friends are not a match to donate. She is in immediate need of what is known as an “altruistic donor,” a living donor not related to or known by her. 
Terri has been there for so many people, helping people find jobs that allow them to pursue their passions, and acting as their advocate. She has been a recruiter for all of us. Now we need to be a recruiter for her. And help her find a hero.

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